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Javelina Hunting

Premiere West Texas Hunting


Javelina Hunting in West Texas

Join us on an adventure into the wilderness of our ranch for an exciting hunting experience in Sheffield, TX. As the premier hunting ranch in the state, B & B Outfitters provides the most memorable and enjoyable excursions. Spanning more than 300,000 acres, hunts on our ranch are some of the most challenging you?ll ever experience. We?ll ensure you leave our ranch with a trophy that will remind you of your time with us for years to come.

The javelina, also known as the collared peccary, is a trying hunt. Arm yourself with a bow and arrow, and embark on a spot and stalk type hunt. Texas is one of just a few states that hosts javelina hunts. The state limits two per year, per person, so your trophy will be a unique addition to your collection.

This small creature is not to be underestimated. Many falsely believe the javelina to be a rodent or in the feral hog family, despite the missing dew claw on its hind legs. In reality, these animals are a species all to themselves. They have a keen sense of smell and can sense when you?re nearby, making javelina hunting one of the most challenging experiences you?ll undergo.

The Ideal Hunting Experience

We understand that everyone’s needs and desires are different. Each of our hunting packages is customizable, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the experience. Javelina can be added to any hunting package we offer for a small fee. We’ll provide transportation, care of game, and mount preparation and delivery to a local taxidermist, so you leave with a trophy you can be proud of for years to come.

Our unique excursions give you an opportunity to learn about the creatures we hunt and embark on an exciting hunt. When you hunt with our Texas outfitters, we’ll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We?ll ensure your trip is something you’ll always remember.

Experienced Hunters

For more than 50 years, we have been sharing our knowledge and expertise with hunters who come to visit us. We strive to provide every guest with a satisfying experience, and a thrilling adventure. You’ll be treated with the utmost respect when you join us. Our guides participate in every hunt we hold, to ensure not only that you are safe, but also that you don’t get lost.

The vastness of our ranch and our unique selection of game allows you to engage in a hunting experience unlike any other. We’ll ensure your thrilling adventure is a memorable one.

Contact us to find out more about the hunting experience we provide. We are conveniently located in Port Aransas, Texas.

Add a Javelina to any Package


West Texas Javelina Package Includes

All meals lodging and your choice of fully or semi-guided hunt. Non-hunters are always welcome based on availability. Non-hunters daily fee is $150.00 per day.

Two Full Days of Javelina Hunting
Transportation while on the Ranch
Care of Game
Mount preparation and delivery to local taxidermist


Additional Animals Available

Whitetail Bucks $2,100.00 each (based on availability)
Whitetail Doe $150.00 each (based on availability)
Javelina $150.00 each (state limit 2 per hunter per year)

Packages do not include:
Hunting License
Tobacco Products
Alcohol Products
Coolers for your meat

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